• June 10 πŸ“’ Announcement πŸ“’

Good afternoon all my Facebook friends, followers, trolls and contestants. As per specialists' advice, I have had to unfriend every single person who was my friend on my Facebook account. This is the only way to stop πŸ›‘ β€œfriends” from reporting my posts as spam. Unfortunately my true friends & people of good heart are being effected by this action. Please don't be concerned about being "unfriended". You did nothing wrong. Please keep following our page for regular updates.


  • June 7 πŸ“’ Announcement πŸ“’

After a vigilant conference with realtors, legal & other advisors, I/We will try one more way to better chances of reaching our goal.

As of Jun 5 the listing price of my home has been lowered from $1.7 Million to $1.495 Million. Hence, the number of entries required will decrease from 68,000 to 60,000.

No matter how pleasing, my surroundings at this point are having "Golden Birdcage" effect.

Friends, family, and participants have been helping turn beautiful dreams into spectacular reality.

Visit the updated terms & conditions.

See the real estate listing for this property:;

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