message to contestants

July 29 📢 Announcement 📢

Goal not REACHED

Thank you for your participation in my grassroots attempt to keep dreams alive for you, thousands of others & me. As you all know by now, we were not able to reach our goal of 68 thousand (later dropped to 60 thousand) entries.

The contest terms and conditions state that in the event of not reaching our goal, I must refund entry fees, less banking charges (and, if applicable, postage).

I am receiving a large amount of requests to donate the fee, and that is doable, once all refunds are issued, and my accountant finishes an audit of contest financials. We will then make an official announcement of the total amount being donated, and tax receipts will be mailed to all.

E - transfers have been going out already.

***Please do not reply to the email you receive from me unless you are requesting your fee to be donated.***

All cheques and payments that were received before entry cutoff date will be (have been) deposited and included in overall total of banking expenses.  Mailed cheques could not be mailed back as calculations of expenses (banking and postal are done from total entries made balance, because this makes the expense less / hence the deduction is less from everyone.  It is simple accounting and part of the process put into place that will be audited by professionals at the end.

Where possible, PayPal will not be used for refunds due to a very high service charge, and would result in having to hold back even more from your fee. This is not preferable for anyone.
***Please do not send refund requests to PayPal either,
as I will not be using them for refunds.***
Based on all calculations of the 6-month period: if you sent me $25 Can, after banking fees and expenses, my overall received amount totals to $21.75 CAN. That is the standard refund amount you should expect & will receive from me.

There are many payments that are not standard, i.e. extra amounts paid, cash payments, and foreign currency, and these are going to be individually calculated.

It is very unfair to me if I were to refund the full $25 for the simple fact that, for an entry fee of $25 CAN, the refund should be less banking expenses, and not your full $25, because once you add all of it up, including the refund fee, for some unknown reason I would be expected to pay an additional $5 per entry fee (if I am to use PayPal for refunds).

Below are a few thoughts and reflections for your eyes only:

There were a few exceptions made by me as far as my responsibilities to the contest are concerned (ie: sending confirmation letters, posting a database, and putting time constraints on myself and others in order to please a small group of doubters.

In order for all of us to be on the same page, I have spent (out of my own pocket) very large amounts by having an assistant manage the database, advertising, and other professional fees. These items, as per the terms, do not apply to your entry fees.

Please note all other similar contests have charged contestants or incorporated expenses into their entry fee, but I have not, so please do not send requests to PayPal, because they have already made tons of money from this contest.

I hope you can appreciate how much work all this is, and please give me time to do this on my own, as I can not pay an assistant at this point to help me with this task, given my accountants and legal costs will be over the top anyhow.

At this point one more goal must be reached by me: Refund & donate as soon as possible, while continuing to run my business, trying to sell my house, and moving forward with very important steps in my life.

All refunds should be done in next 3 months, cheques issued to charities & paperwork handed over to my accountants for auditing & taxation.

Once again thank you for dreaming with me.

July 25 📢 Announcement 📢

Alla is coping with sever health issues but continues to work on getting contestants’ refunds out—but it is ‘one step at a time’. Note, the terms and conditions state that refunds will be issued. Bear in mind that it is impossible for one person to do everyone’s refund immediately.

  • Each refund will go out as Alla processes and records them manually, so please be patient.

  • Please do not request a refund directly from PayPal, if that was one’s method of payment. Alla will take care of that.

  • Anyone who has not specified that they prefer their entry fees go to charity will automatically be sent a refund.

  • There is no need to contact Alla to request refunds.

The Terms and Conditions states:

Refunds: In the event of contest cancellation, refunds will be mailed or e-transferred to the address provided by the entrant, less any postage or bank charges that may apply.”

From her latest Facebook post (go to Facebook to read it in its entirety.):
”Please give me a bit of space my dear followers, friends & most importantly my wonderful contestants😊 Even if there is no timeframe mentioned in my terms I don’t need this responsibility hanging over me but I’m also putting extra pressure on myself & not getting things done.
Thank you for understanding🙏🏻”

July 16 📢 Announcement 📢

The data base of entry fee payments is now available here as well as on Facebook.

July 13 📢 Announcement 📢

Alla will begin the refund process on July 15. Please contact her ONLY IF you want your entry fee to go to charity. Send your email to

If you do not contact Alla, your contest entry fee will automatically be refunded.

Alla talks about some of the challenges which have arisen throughout the contest and new information, as well as disclosing the final number of entries.

July 12 📢 Announcement 📢

1. PLEASE everyone STOP sending suggestions.
Contest is over and Alla has started the REFUND process
2. There are misinformation campaigns being organized on all platforms. Please try not to encourage them.

July 11 📢 Announcement 📢

💔Update on announcement #2💔

A. After my phone conversation this morning with AGLC and getting exactly same answer from them that this or other contest like this isn’t in their jurisdiction LOL it didn’t stop them last January from sending emails to media & stopping our contest.

B. Also after contemplating problems I’ll be faced with if I were to attempt this option my personal decision is to just start refunds as of July 16th and just shut this contest down.

💵Please know announcement #1 stands as is!💵

July 10 📢 Announcement 📢

Youtube video: Rewards from my house sale and idea being looked into

July 7 📢 Announcement 📢

Youtube video: WALWAH Contest Roundup

July 6 📢 Announcement 📢

Facebook Post

Last weeks 🐌Mail 🙏🏻

❤️ many more were hand delivered but because of my condition we kinda didn’t take photos yet 🤗 Erica will on Monday

I’m trying to manage pain & doctor told me one of the meds should help ease pain by tomorrow🙏🏻so at some point I’ll do a quick update video and text to go with it. Also more details on Monday regarding contestants suggestions how to find a way to make contest work (if not enough entries 😇) after I confirm with my advisor team.

For now: please note our upcoming event on July 15th where I’ll be announcing final numbers & results. If contest didn’t work will start the refund process😢

🤗last but not least🤗 I’m certain that as soon as I am off painkillers I’ll find WORDS special words to thank you my beautiful contestants, followers and especially YOU 🤗 you who put your life on pause to help things moving along last couple of days 🤗

Alla needs your prayers!

Alla needs your prayers!

July 3 📢 Announcement 📢

Due to some on-going medical issues, Alla has been admitted to hospital. Please send loving energy her way and prayers for a positive outcome.

Please, also, encourage others to enter this contest by Friday, or please sponsor someone who might benefit. Our contest is almost over and we still need a big push of entries to make it a success!

📢 June 24 Announcement 📢

As an added incentive in the final days of the contest, Alla is offering to cover the property taxes and portion of the winner’s untilities for the first year.(up to a vaue of $10,000).

📢 June 22 Announcement 📢**

  • June 10 📢 Announcement 📢

Good afternoon all my Facebook friends, followers, trolls and contestants. As per specialists' advice, I have had to unfriend every single person who was my friend on my Facebook account. This is the only way to stop 🛑 “friends” from reporting my posts as spam. Unfortunately my true friends & people of good heart are being effected by this action. Please don't be concerned about being "unfriended". You did nothing wrong. Please keep following our page for regular updates.

  • June 7 📢 Announcement 📢

After a vigilant conference with realtors, legal & other advisors, I/We will try one more way to better chances of reaching our goal.

As of Jun 5 the listing price of my home has been lowered from $1.7 Million to $1.495 Million. Hence, the number of entries required will decrease from 68,000 to 60,000.

No matter how pleasing, my surroundings at this point are having "Golden Birdcage" effect.

Friends, family, and participants have been helping turn beautiful dreams into spectacular reality.

Visit the updated terms & conditions.

See the real estate listing for this property:;

angel poster.jpg