Q: When is the contest deadline?

Q: What should the letter answer?
A: “Why would moving to this waterfront dream home change your life?” in a maximum of 350 words.

Q: Who can enter?
A: Anyone age 18 years or older can enter this contest.

Q: How can I enter this contest?
A: There are three ways you can send in your letters and payment: by e-mail with e-transfer, with the on-line contest entry form, or by mailed letter.

  • Email letters & E-transfer/Paypal $25 CAD to:

  • Mail letters & cheque/draft payable to Alla Wagner
    TO: PO Box #74 Millarville AB Canada T0L 1K0

  • Fill out the on-line entry form and pay with PayPal.

(*Make sure your payment email matches the email included with your letter!)

Q: What is your monthly taxes on the house?
A: $600

Q: What language can I write in?
A: Only English. Sorry!

Q: Can I keep livestock on the property?
A: No, unfortunately not

Q: What kind of plumbing/water system does it have?
A: We have a septic system and water is community trucked to our processing plant here, no well

Q: Why are you doing this contest?
A: You can read my full story here.

Q: Can I send my letter through Facebook messenger?
A: No. Please do not send your letter that way.

Q: Can I send additional money to help you reach your goal?
A: No. Any additional monies received cannot count towards the contest and instead will be donated to charity.

Q: Can I sponsor another person?
A: Yes. Make sure to include all details as shown on the Sponsorship Entry Form. An additional $25 entry fee to go along with the submission will be required. You may pen the letter on someone's behalf but, in the case of sponsoring, it will not be considered a second entry for you, so you will not be disqualified from the contest. Or, the sponsored individual can pen their own letter and have you submit payment on their behalf. People can sponsore multiple entries. If more than one entry is received for an individual or an address, only the first entry will be valid. (No one will be disqualified for being sponsored after the fact.)

Q: Is this competition legal?

A: Absolutely! This competition was responsibly planned and checked by AGLC (Alberta Gaming  and liquor commission). Also, the RCMP confirms this competition does not contravene any law.

Q: Will you be releasing details about the number of entries, etc.?

A: Yes, once the contest is complete all statistics and final accounting (donations and few totals subject to accounting and legal reviews) will be presented to contestants and much of the general information will be made public.

Q: Why hasn’t the number of entries received so far been divulged?

A: The legal advisers indicated that the numbers not be shared until after the close of the contest. In the words of Alla’s lawyer, “$25 is not a purchase of shares into a company, and she does not have to put out shareholder reports. This is a competition with a final result at hand one way or another”. 

Q: What would result if Alla, herself, does not comply with the terms set out for the competition?

A: Charges by the prosecutors office would be made against her, as per RCMP officers to her lawyer statement.

Q: What else should I know?
A: Before entering the contest, please read the contest Terms and Conditions

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