We just had to share some of the creative things contest contestants are doing to help promote this grass roots contest, from letters of support to making and sharing videos. We have also assembled a number of resources that can help you help Alla to make this contest a success. Thank you for helping to spread the word.

Your heartfelt efforts are SO appreciated!

If you have an idea to help promote the contest, let Alla and her team know.

  • Some contestants have been sending extra money in order to shore up entry fees. While Alla appreciates people’s generosity, this violates the contest rules and these donations cannot be applied to the final dollar amount. Instead, help by sponsoring someone else's letter, or encourage friends and family to visit the website and enter the contest.

Thank you for your kindness.

Help promote the contest through email


Copy & Paste this link & email an entry form to your c


email form


Contestants can submit entries on behalf of another person if:

  • The individual has a totally separate physical address, and

  • The individual is 18 years of age or older.

An additional $25 entry fee to go along with the submission will be required. You may pen the letter on someone's behalf but, in the case of sponsoring, it will not be considered a second entry for you, so you will not be disqualified from the contest. Or, the sponsored individual can pen their own letter and have you submit payment on their behalf.

People can sponsore multiple entries. If more than one entry is received for an individual or an address, only the first entry will be valid. (No one will be disqualified for being sponsored after the fact.)

You can use this form or send entries by snail mail or email, but be sure to include all of the information as outlined in the form below.

some of our wonderful contestants have been helping out to make our contest a success. Let’s Keep the Dream Alive. Someone needs this dream home!

Check out Their creative videos:

…And other ways Contestants are helping: