contest entries will also Support the calgary women’s Emergency shelter

“Paying it Forward”

If the contest succeeds, Alla will donate 5% of its net profits to the Calgary Women’s Shelter


repaying their past kindness & Paying it Forward

Alla arrived in Canada in 1984 from Armenia. Not long after, she found herself in a difficult situation that forced her from her home. She recalls one night sleeping outside in the cold. Friends told her about the Calgary Emergency Women’s Shelter. She turned to them for support and direction and feels an immense gratitude to them for helping her during a harrowing time in her life. She recalls this during a CBC interview earlier this year. Alla has since helped other women find refuge from domestic violence, through her ability to interpret and translate for women who did not have English language skills.

Coming from the Soviet Union, I had no idea there were places like this that would help a person. They kind of gave me strength to know there is a social net like that—that people won’t be left on the street.
— Alla Wagner

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Contestant inspired to make a donation to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter