Alla Wagner: The Woman Behind the Dream

Alla Wagner: The Woman Behind the Dream

How it all began

In 2011 Alla built this beautiful 5,000 sq. ft. Georgian-style mansion in the picturesque town of Millarville, Canada—in Alberta’s foothills.

A couple of years ago, Alla fell and sustained a back injury. Because of severe pain, she can no longer navigate the stairs, or get around very well at all. She has been confined to the second floor of the home ever since.

Because of her physical condition, Alla came to the realization that she needed to downsize and find a main level home. The house had been appraised at $3 million three years ago, but, because of the economic downturn in Alberta, she decided to list it at $1.9 million, but got no offers, even after lowering her asking price again to $1.7 million. Unfortunately, few home buyers were in the market for a house of this stature due to economic factors beyond her control.

One day, a friend told her about the movie, Spit Fire Grill—and that moment the Write A Letter Win A House contest was born!

In January, 2019, Alla launched her own contest. She is looking for a convincing 350 word letter plus a modest $25 entry fee (which allows people of any income to have a chance at entering).

Alla says that the entry could take many forms—a letter, a poem, a piece of art or photo story…

The catch is that she needs approximately 68,000 entries to fulfill the terms of this contest—but if that number is not achieved by July 5, Alla will have to refund everyone’s money (less any bank and postage costs).

Alla dearly wants to see the home go to some person, or family, who is going to love it as much as she has loved it…

I want it to be someone that’s going to enjoy this place, and is going to love being here and fit into the neighbourhood—because the neighbours are incredible people. We have an incredible, diverse community here.
— Alla Wagner
  • Alla plans to donate 5% of the net contest proceeds to the Calgary Emergency Womens Shelter if the contest is successful . . . Read More